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Skin Soother for Cats 65g

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Highly effective & soothing natural skin lotion for cats 60 day money back guarantee
  • Entirely Natural and Safe for Cats
  • Quickly Soothes Sore Irritated skin
  • Great for any scrapes & cuts
  • Extremely Effective, with Rapid Results
  • Encourages Hair Regrowth
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal

An advanced natural lotion for cats with skin problems & irritations. Contains gentle plant extracts in a colloidal silver base, with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Soothing and calms sore, itchy & irritated skin while encouraging natural skin repair & hair re-growth.

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The Skin Soother for Cats encouraged hair regrowth in just 4 weeks!

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This is Bertie before and after using the Skin Soother for Cats

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Monty's sore stomach is looking much better after using the Skin Soother for Cats!

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What are the benefits of Skin Soother for Cats?

  • Entirely Natural and Safe for Cats
    Contains natural plant extracts which are completely safe for cats
  • Quickly Soothes Sore Irritated skin
    Ingredients individually selected for their soothing & repairing qualities
  • Great also for any scrapes & cuts
    Offering relief & aiding the natural healing response
  • Extremely Effective, with Rapid Results
    We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products
  • Encourages Hair Regrowth
    Nourishing ingredients help stimulate rapid hair regrowth
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
    Colloidal silver base offering incredible natural antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What Is Skin Soother for Cats For?

Our Cat Skin Soother is safe & gentle containing natural plant extracts in a colloidal silver base. The colloidal silver has natural antibacterial & antifungal properties. Soothes and calms sore, itchy & irritated skin. Whilst also encouraging natural skin repair and hair re-growth.


What Our Customers Say About Skin Soother for Cats?

  Great Product  My boy had a realy red itchy tummy did not want to use steroids as suggested so heard about this product on FB and decided to try it. What a difference it made he's now 100% better and the best thing is he enjoyed me putting it on his tummy no struggling at all.   (11/01/2019) Loraine Hendry - Scotland

  Amazing Results!  My 16 yr old cat lost half her body fur due to a reaction to a flea product. I used the Skin Soother on her & after only a week I could see the fur starting to grow back. Now, 5 months later she is a normal furry cat again!! Amazing!! Thank you!!   (07/04/2018) Julie - Stockport

    have a 17 year old cat with hair loss on both sides of the body, used this fantastic lotion and his hair has grown back in. great product and all natural 100% recommend.   (06/04/2018) andreanne - eaglesham scotland

  use this first !!  an older cat with skin problems had several unhelpful visits to the vet about her irritated skin... nothing helped and a friend recommended this product. it helped clear up her skin . and now another cat has problems with his fur falling out.. same again, no answer from the vet so this is being used now and stops him biting at his fur.   (10/10/2017) Claire - Kirkintilloch

  Brilliant  Sorted out a problem that one of my cats had within weeks. I'd initially thought it was a flea allergy but no fleas.   (14/12/2016) Sharon Huyshe - East Midlands

  Worked when steriods didn't   My cat gets itchy lumpy skin during her spring moult and chews her fur down to the skin. The fur also pulls off easily over the lumps - very moth eaten looking. Tried steriods but they had no effect. Found Skin Soother on my internet trawl for solutions last year and it worked a treat. This year I tackled the problem early and stopped the itching in its tracks. Definitely worth trying. I really couldn't believe the results and have recommended it to my vet.   (31/08/2016) Minsmum - Hampshire

  Great Stuff!!  Bought this for my mums elderly cat after it was constantly licking and pulling its fur out Mum tried all the vets treatment to no avail in the meantime her cat was getting a rather large bald area over the base of her back. Her cat stopped licking almost immediately and its fur has grown back after a few weeks. 6 months later her cat has started doing the same again and mum has lost the bottle I know she will probably find it after I have ordered it but its worth having another bottle   (25/08/2016) sharon heath - cheshire

  the only product that works  my poor cats belly had been hairless for two years before trying this product, i tried vets pills,injections pheromones for stress but nothing stopped my cat from overgrooming herself,however after trying this for a month, she now has a furry belly!. Try it on your cat ,its the only product ive found that actually works,i recommend it without hesitation,fantastic   (20/01/2016) -

  Helps my cats obsessive licking   The only thing I've found that helps with my cats obsessive licking. She had licked her belly and tail down to the skin with grief after her best feline friend died from cancer. Slowly the hairs are starting to grow back and although she has a long way to go I really think this product is helping.   (18/01/2016) Kathryn - East Sussex

  skin soother lotion  This product really did stop my cat from over grooming and scratching .she was much calmer after, the problem has been sorted now but would use it again .   (18/01/2016) Trish - Bath Somerset

  Skin Soother lotion - great product  This is my 3rd or 4th bottle of Pet Nat Skin Soother for cats and it works a treat. She finds the smell unpleasant enough to temporarily stop over-grooming certain spots on her coat. It doesn't irritate her skin either. I'd recommend giving it a try.   (18/01/2016) Karen - Reading  Remarkable product! I'm so glad I discovered it. My cat's skin was bald, red raw and scabbed from his constant scratching and nibbling. Within days of using skin soother, his skin began to heal, hair began to re-grow and my lad was visibly more relaxed and affectionate. I now have a happy, hairy cat and keep a spare bottle in the cupboard, to dab on at the first sign of an itch.   (21/04/2015) Shona - Scotland

  Skin soother for cats  This is my 2nd bottle of cat skin soother. It has stopped my cat from tearing out her fur, the cycle of licking the soreness, and it's enabling her to sleep without irritation. I'm so pleased I found this natural product and am hoping the calming effects this lotion has will last!   (28/04/2014) Karen - Reading


Skin Soother For Cats is perfect for:

  • Itchy, sore or broken skin
  • Hair loss
  • Cuts & scrapes

How To Use Skin Soother for Cats

1. Shake the bottle well before use

2. Apply to sore and itchy areas - apply 2-3 times a day.

3. Ensure the lotion reaches the skin and gently rub in where possible


What would I use Cat Skin Soother for?

Apply to sore and itchy areas up to 2-3 times daily. Ensure that the lotion reaches the skin and gently rub in where possible.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use it for?

Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. For a safe product to use around the eyes and mucous membranes use our Colloidal Silver Spray.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12 - 24 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

I’ve heard that some natural products can be harmful to cats?

This Skin Soother lotion has been especially developed for cats with skin problems and irritations and only contains plant extracts in a colloidal silver base, which is harmless to cats. Although we do recommend preforming a double patch test prior to use.

Can I use this product on any other animals?

This product has been especially developed for use on cats. We have ranges especially developed for dogs and horses.

What if my cat tries to lick it off?

There are no harmful ingredients, but the product needs to stay on as long as possible to do its work.

What if it doesn’t help my cat?

Cat Skin Soother has been successful in helping many cats with skin problems. However we do understand that each cat is individual and there are a multitude of different reasons for cats itching and rubbing, therefore we offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all our products and will willingly refund in full if you are not delighted with the results.

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