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Fast relief for sore, dry & cracked paws & noses – 60 day money back guarantee!
  • The ultimate product in paw health
  • Soothes Dry, Cracked Paws & Noses
  • Highly nourishing – Enriched with natural luxurious butters & plant extracts
  • Offers Outstanding Natural Protection
  • Unique ‘twist up applicator’ for ease of use & hygienic.
  • High Quality Natural Ingredients

Exceptional natural Paw balm to offer protection & encourage the natural healing process for sore, dry & cracked paws & noses.

This product contains high quality natural exotic butters & plant extracts which quickly absorb to soothe & heal sore paws & noses. This product will keep pads supple & strong.

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What are the benefits of Paw Rescue Balm?

  • Soothes sore, dry, cracked paws & noses
    Easing discomfort for dogs all over the world
  • The ultimate product in paw health
    A rescue balm with lots of uses, should be a staple in every dog owners first aid kit
  • Highly nourishing – Enriched with natural luxurious butters & plant extracts
    Easily absorbable leaving the paws soft, supple & strong
  • Offers outstanding natural protection (extreme heat, cold & terrain)
    Protection from the elements which can be damaging to a dogs paw health
  • High quality & all natural ingredients
    We only use the highest quality, human grade ingredients in our products.
  • Unique ‘twist up applicator’ for ease of use & hygienic
    Easy to apply & no mess
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What Is Paw Rescue Balm For?

The ultimate product in paw health. This product offers outstanding natural protection against the elements & terrain including: hot surfaces in the summer, whilst also protecting against the ice, snow & cold surfaces in winter.

Dogs paws are not supposed to be dry and rough, healthy paws are hydrated and supple. The luxurious butters and herbal extracts encourage the natural healing process of paws and noses & also protecting from further problems occurring by locking in the moisture & keeping the nose and paws healthy.

Our Paw Rescue Balm is safe if licked off but to work its magic, needs a few minutes to soak in.


What Our Customers Say About Paw Rescue Balm?

    I like the Aromesse products so I thought I would try the Paw Rescue Balm as my Westie was licking her front paws quite a bit and I didn't know what caused the itching. So I bought the balm and tried it and I was very pleased with the results. Didn't find out the cause yet but at least I have a remedy for it, should it surface again.   (19/04/2019) Linda - Winnipeg

  Great product  I've used this to help strengthen my young dogs pags as she used to often scuff them. This has worked wonders!   (12/04/2019) E braisby - Leicestershire

  Love it!  Love this product which is natural and moisturising. Smells great and really does smooth and heal cracked pads. The dogs do try and lick it though (it smells heavenly) but I just put a fleece blanket over their feet whilst it absorbs before a walk. Totally recommend this product!   (20/01/2019) Samantha moore - Chippenham

  Brilliant  My Sheltie - Buddy - has itchy paws whenever they cut the grass in the fields. I tried Paw Rescue Balm - I have used a lot of your products so know I can trust the quality - and it did the trick. Thank you   (01/09/2017) Fredrika Davis - Somerset

  Excellent  My Sheltie, Buddy, suffers from itchy paws when the grass is first cut, so I think it is a pollen allergy. Although not curing the problem completely, Paw Rescue Balm certainly helps. I also use Dermacton soap and cream and wash his paws after every walk   (02/05/2017) Fredrika Davis - Somerset

  Pads repaired  I had not realised how cracked my dogs pads were until she went lame. Pet Nat Paw Rescue Balm healed her pads within a week. I am so impressed with this product and recommend it highly.   (22/12/2016) Gillian - Lincoln

  helpful and soothing  This product was of great help to my Westies very sore paws unfortunately this is a long term problem and will require constant attention   (28/11/2016) Anne Makepeace - Gateshead

  Excellent!!!  Really helped my dogs sore pads after long walks on concrete paths that we're not used to.   (26/09/2016) Sally - Lincoln

  Great product   This is a great idea , easy to use and apply to sore and cracked paws. Smells great too   (08/09/2016) Angela - Taunton

  Just the job  Great product, easy to apply and has a lovely smell. My dogs laws were getting a bit dry and cracked and after a couple of applications they were back to normal with a healthy shine. Like all the other "Amoresse" product I have tried the law balm is excellent and works fast   (07/09/2016) Linda Bamford - Falkirk

  Paw relief  Used this on my dogs paws when the weather was hot. Soothed the dogs paws so pleased.   (27/08/2016) Judith Scowcroft - Barrow in Furness

  Great, stopped the feet chewing dead in it's track  Even after the first application it stopped our lab literally chewing her feet until they're raw.. Highly recommend   (27/08/2016) Camilla - Leicestershire

  magical!!!   my Chihuahua was suffering with really cracked weepy pads that would dry crusty but not heal up properly and had been using other products in your range with some improvement but it never really finished the job until PAW BALM 4 sessions was all it took AMAZING !!!! used on own lips as well 1 session cured my chapped lips.   (26/01/2016) carol plumbly - portsmouth Hampshire


Our Paw Rescue Balm is perfect for all dogs that:

  • Have sore, dry or cracked pads or noses
  • Need protection from extreme temperatures or rough terrain
  • Like to keep pads supple & strong

If your dog’s paws have cracks, which are bleeding, or caused through injury we would recommend our Petnat Ultrasalve – First Aid Ointment.


How To Use Paw Rescue Balm

Our Paw Rescue Balm can be applied as often as required. If you are using for protection from surfaces apply 5 minutes before going out to ensure it has soaked in.

  1. Simply twist up a little paw balm by turning the base anti-clockwise
  2. Ensuring pads are debris free, apply a thin layer by wiping the applicator gently over the pads/nose
  3. No need to massage in – the product absorbs rapidly

Why would I use this over a paw wax?

Our Paw Rescue Balm is completely different from traditional paw waxes. Paw wax simply acts as a barrier against the elements with very little/no healing properties built in.

What is in the Paw Rescue Balm?

In our Paw Rescue Balm, we have many luxurious and exotic butters & herbal plant extracts. These have been specifically hand selected for their individual healing and soothing properties.

How often should I use this product?

This product is gentle enough to use as often as required. We would recommend 2-3 times a week if you are trying to get on top of dry or cracked pads or noses.

What is the shelf life of this product?

12 months from the date of purchase if stored in a cool place.

Could my dog be allergic to them?

Whilst this is an entirely natural product, unfortunately, it is possible for animals to be sensitive to any ingredient natural or not, so we do recommend that you do a double patch test before first use.

What if it doesn’t help my dog?

You should find that Paw Rescue Balm is a fantastic addition to your dog’s first aid kit, and most people wonder how they ever managed without it. However, we do understand that each dog is individual, therefore we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund in full if you are not delighted with the results.

Can I use this product on other animals?

No sorry, this product is only suitable for using on Dogs.

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