First-Aid for dogs

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Skin Relief Products

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Powerful first-aid products for all your dogs mishaps. Invaluable for all cuts and minor wounds, plus great for sore elbows and dry cracked pads.

When you can help your dog naturally, why use anything else?

Paw Rescue Balm

12.50 11.00 (2 to 5) 10.00 (6 or more)

Exceptional natural Paw balm to offer protection & encourage the natural healing process for sore, dry & cracked paws & noses. ...

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Ultrasalve (Petnat) first-aid ointment

9.50 8.30 (3 to 5) 7.65 (6 or more)

Highly effective multipurpose first-aid ointment. Helps to promote rapid natural healing, and hair regrowth. Perfect for all scrapes, cuts & minor ...

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Colloidal Silver Spray

15.00 11.50 (6 or more)

High quality silver spray, which is incredibly effective but gentle at the same time. Perfect for sensitive areas of skin. It ...

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Colloidal Silver Gel

10.00 9.00 (3 or more)

NEW. Fabulous 30ppm colloidal silver gel! Great for applying to areas where you'd like a stronger application of colloidal silver. ...

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First Aid Pack


A fabulous first aid pack, containing two of our full size first-aid products, plus a 50ml Colloidal Silver spray. Also makes ...

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