EAR Products for dogs

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Skin Relief Products

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Three superb products for dogs with itchy irritated ears. Help your dogs ear problems naturally!

Petnat ear products are antibacterial & antifungal, and help dogs with ear problems by soothing itchy irritated ears and removing any accumulation of debris in the ears.

Dermacton Ear Relief Drops

12.00 11.00 (3 or more)

Gentle natural ear drops to quickly calm irritated ears. Naturally antibacterial & antifungal. Gentle enough to be used on ...

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Ear Relief Pack

20.00 23.50

Fantastic saving on this great value Ear Pack. Existing great products now available as a pack at an introductory price. ...

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Itchy Ear Drops

8.25 7.50 (3 to 5) 6.75 (6 or more)

Our Itchy Ear Drops are natural & highly effective for more persistent itchy smelly ear problems. Contains a Colloidal Silver base, ...

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Silver Ear Cleaner

11.50 10.00 (3 to 5) 9.00 (6 or more)

A professionally recommended ear cleaner containing antibacterial silver, which cleans & soothes. Painlessly softens earwax & debris for easy cleaning of ...

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