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MUD Starter Pack

MUD Starter Pack 1
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Remove scabs and protect from the mud and wet in one outstanding pack 60 day money back guarantee
  • Perfect combination to beat mud & rain scabs
  • Totally Unique with Guaranteed Results!
  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs
  • With superior barrier protection
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • No washing required

Amazing Value! - Superior barrier product plus highly effective proven ointment to painlessly remove scabs in one fantastic value pack. This pack gives you a full and effective system to help remove mud and wet scabs as well as preventing them spreading or returning. Containing full size products of our Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus also means this is a must have great value pack for those wet months.

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'Nebora' Before and After Aromaheel

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'Millie' before and after 6 weeks of using Aromaheel

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'Josie' before and after 7 weeks of using Aromaheel

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'Cheyanne' before and after 6 weeks of using Aromaheel

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Frankie before and after 4 weeks of using Aromaheel

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What are the benefits of MUD Starter Pack?

  • Natural & powerful but gentle
    All ingredients used in both the Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus are natural and specifically selected for their individual properties making them highly effective on your horses scab problems whilst remaining gentle on their skin.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
    The ingredients used in these products naturally have antibacterial and antifungal properties enabling our products to fight off opportunistic bacteria and fungi from affecting the skin.
  • Painlessly removes scabs
    Aromaheel ingredients have been specifically chosen and proven to soften any scabs which have formed on your horses legs or heels and painlessly removes them without the need to scrub or pick at the scabs.
  • Waterproof barrier protection
    Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus combines antibacterial properties with a waterproof barrier which offers a dual purpose to protect your horses legs and help prevent mud and wet scabs.
  • Promotes hair regrowth
    The essential oils and herbal extracts used promote the natural healing process to heal the skin and encourage rapid hair regrowth.
  • No washing required
    There is no need to wash your horses legs between uses, simply wipe away any mud and reapply, it’s that simple
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What Is MUD Starter Pack For?

Mud and wet scabs can be a real problem for some horses and their owners. The scabs can often be quite painful for horses and can easily spread in saturated turn out, many owners have to make a decision between turn out or keeping their horses legs healthy and scab free. With our Mud starter pack you can do both.

Aromaheel should be applied to any weeping or scabby skin to quickly and painlessly soften and remove any scabs on your horse’s legs and heels. The Aromaheel then soothes the sore skin, and the extraordinary natural properties of the essential oils, safely and effectively encourage natural regeneration of healthy tissue, and promote rapid hair regrowth.

Aroma-Mud can be used in conjunction with Aromaheel to stop scabs spreading but can also be used after the skin is clear to prevent any future outbreaks. Aroma-Mud offers additional anti-bacterial protection against bacteria found dwelling in the soil & on the skin’s surface – providing added support for the skin against any knocks, cuts and abrasions.


What Our Customers Say About MUD Starter Pack?

  Mud starter pack  I thought these products were amazing, the mud rash was gone in a week of using the aroma heel twice a day every day. The Aroma mud was also great as a preventative. Both products smell gorgeous. I will definitely be buying the itchy horse starter pack for the summer.   (30/04/2019) Victoria Mellor - Manchester

  Aromaheel  This really is great stuff, I've used it on and off for years and find its the only stuff that gets rid of mud fever. I like that you can still turn out whilst using as my tb hates staying in during the day. I highly recommend this product and I personally don't use anything else.   (11/04/2019) Janette - Worcester

  Aroma heel ointment   This ointment is absolutely fantastic it really does work I have recommended this product to everyone. My horse had mud rash I had tried everything and nothing worked.. my friend from the farm gave me some to try I was sceptical but thought Id give it try ... I saw results in a day .. All mud rash cleared completely within a week .. magic   (24/01/2019) Katie/poncho - Radcliffe

  Great product, easy to apply, effective  I have used the Aromesse products on my horse several times now as he is highly prone to severe mud rash in his extaordinarily muddy field. Within a couple of days of using, the scabs soften and start to loosen, they gradually work their way out themselves leaving healthier and softer skin underneath. My horse has had no adverse effects from repeated use, it doesn't seem to sting broken skin and helps cracks heal very quickly.   (17/01/2019) - Edinburgh

  Extremely pleased  Our pony had a problem for the first time this year and i was amazed how quick and effective this product was and the mud fever has not come back since.   (10/04/2018) Kim - Plymouth

  aromaheel ointment   I used this product successfully on my TB who had dreadful scabs from his coronet to fetlock on his two white legs and small scabs on the others too. The best thing about he product is that you DON'T HAVE TO WASH THEIR LEGS! which is what most other products rely on (& drying them after- who's got time for that?? ...and it's painful for the horse). Slather it on, breathe in the lovely smell and it will improve within a week!   (12/02/2018) linda phelps - bristol

  Best on the market!  When I was starting to loose hope on something to get rid of my horses mud fever someone recommend this. It worked within days and has help keep it at bay ever since. Would highly recommend!!!   (09/01/2018) Aimee - Manchester

  These products are a horse owners MUST hAVE!!   Winter 2015 my T/Bred suffered from terrible mud rash. A friend recommended Aromaheel. after washing his legs and completely drying them I applied the Aromaheel and did this for seval days, after the 3-4th day the difference was unbelievable the scabs had fallen off, the angriness had disappeared and the fur was growing back. I now use the Aromaheel barrier daily and no signs of problems this winter. Now I just keep the Aromaheel ointment for any minor scraps etc. These products are a horse owners MUST hAVE!!   (07/02/2017) Nicola - Cheshire

  Best product  My mare had a very bad case of greasey heal and was under vetinary help but nothing seemed to work. After over several months of trying everything on the market I cam across this product and within 2 weeks everything was gone and has not returned since. One day I'd like to be able to offer it to more Australians!! Best product!!!   (07/02/2017) Aleisha - Australia

  Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud Barrier  Fantastic products! My sensitive chestnut Arab with four white socks who is prone to mud problems has not had any outbreaks since using your products. The Aromaheel cleared up his scabs very quickly. Now I use the Aroma-Mud barrier as a preventative with occasional application of Aromaheel.   (03/02/2017) imogen - warwick

  A great product  I have successfully used Aroma Heel to get rid of mud scabs on a white legged horse! Excellent product. Aroma mud is now making sure it doesn't come back.   (14/01/2017) Olivia Heywood - Wiltshire

  Really works  We tried everything to shift the mud problems on our horse and then a friend suggested we try the mud starter pack. It took 1 1/2 tubs to completely get rid of it all, but it has completely gone! We are using the barrier and even in the wettest muddy field it has kept away.Very pleasee   (20/12/2016) Emmajane - Lincs

  Effective dual attack  Once an acute attack has been controlled by aroma-hee, aroma-mud helps with keeping it at bay. I always have a pot of aroma-heel by the stables as I use it on any minor cuts scratches and bites, for horses, dogs and humans!   (10/08/2016) Sal - Cornwall

  Brilliant product that fulfills its claims  Tried this after seeing it advertised elsewhere last summer. Battled with Pastern dermatitis for 5 months & nothing vet recommended could clear it. Figured a money back guarantee was a bold claim to make that it had to be worth trying as nothing else had worked. Blow me after 3 days persistent scabs had fallen off, after 5 days all raw skin healed & fur regrowing. Few scabs reoccurred at Christmas this year & again within 5 days all healed. Now using liquid as a preventative measure. Absolutely does what it says on the tin as long as you follow instructions . Worth every penny !   (18/01/2016) Kate - Plymouth


We would recommend our Mud Starter pack to anyone whose horse has any of the problems below:

  • Sores, scabs and/or weeping areas on the heels or body, caused by mud and wet.
  • Scabs and sores caused by photosensitivity

Also anyone who:

  • Wants to stop mud and rain scabs from spreading further
  • Wants to prevent scabs & mud related problems before they occur
  • Needs an effective barrier for horses turned out in muddy conditions

How To Use MUD Starter Pack

Aromaheel is quick, easy and pleasant to use in one simple step, and requires no bandaging or washing. It is effective for use on your horse's heels, legs and body.

  1. Apply a thick layer of Aromaheel ointment over any scabs, ensuring they are completely covered.
  2. Reapply daily and after a couple of days the scabs should have softened and will just wipe away.
  3. Keep applying the Aromaheel to the skin underneath until it has stopped weeping and repaired itself and hair regrowth has occurred.
  4. Apply Aroma-Mud on to the skin surrounding the Aromaheel to prevent further scabs. Re-apply every 1-2 days.

Aroma-Mud can also be used on its own after scabs have gone to help prevent them returning.

  1. Apply to dry legs and rub through the hair ensuring complete coverage – A little goes a long way!
  2. Re-apply every 1-2 days dependent upon the severity of the ground conditions

There is no need to wash your horses legs between applications, in fact we recommend to avoid washing as much as possible. Simply wipe away any excess product or mud and reapply the products.


What do Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud contain?

Both Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud contain a unique blend of essential oils and herbal extracts specifically chosen for their soothing, antibacterial and barrier properties.

How often do I need to apply them?

Initially Aromaheel needs to be applied thickly once or twice a day to all scabs. After the first application either wipe away any excess first or apply more ointment over the top. Once the scabs have come off and the weeping has stopped you will be able to apply less and gently rub it in.

Aroma-Mud then needs to be applied around the areas of Aromaheel until the area is fully healed. Then if you continue to use Aroma-Mud as a preventative, dependent upon the severity of the conditions, an application every 1-2 days will provide complete protection against wet and mud conditions.

Do I need to wash my horses legs before reapplying?

No, we advise to avoid washing your horses legs as much as possible. Simply wipe off any mud or excess product before reapplying.

If you do wish to wash the legs at any point, we advise using an antibacterial shampoo such as our Itchy Horse Shampoo Bar and to ensure your horses legs are completely dry before applying Aromaheel or Aroma-Mud.

Could my horse be sensitive to Aromaheel or Aroma-Mud?

Aromaheel and Aroma-Mud are usually suitable for any horse however, it is possible for some horses to be allergic to even natural ingredients. We always advise performing a double patch test over 48 hours on a small area of normal skin (not on the legs) before first use.

What is the shelf life of Aromaheel and Aroma-mud?

Both these products have a shelf life of 12 months from purchase if stored in a cool place. After this time their effectiveness may be reduced.

Can these products be used on other animals?

These products have been developed and tested specifically for use on horses only, therefore we do not recommend using them on other animals.

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