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Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment 90g

Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment 1
15.25 14.15 (3 to 5) 13.00 (6 or more)
Advanced antibacterial first aid ointment 60 day money back guarantee
  • Entirely Natural, and Safe for your horse
  • Rapid results for all minor cuts, wounds, sores and abrasions
  • Helps reduce scarring - Even on difficult to heal or old wounds
  • Protects against bacteria and flies
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Can be used with or without a dressing

Equinat Ultrasalve is a natural and highly effective first aid ointment which works rapidly to heal all minor cuts and wounds. An easy to apply product that provides the optimum environment which encourages natural healing from the inside out to help reduce scarring and promote rapid tissue regeneration including hair regrowth making this product a must have for your horses first aid kit. Also helps to prevent proud flesh building, reduce scarring and conditions the skin.

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Eden before and after Equinat Ultrasalve

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Ruby before and after Equinat Ultrasalve

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Moon before and after Equinat Ultrasalve

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What are the benefits of Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment?

  • Entirely natural  
    Equinat Ultrasalve contains a unique blend of over 13 natural ingredients, sourced from across the world in a natural base. Each of the essential oils and herbal extracts have been carefully chosen for their individual and unique properties to aid wound management.
  • Helps reduce scarring and proud flesh
    Ultrasalve creates a moist environment which has been shown to create the optimum conditions to encourage natural healing from the inside out and help reduce the chance of proud flesh forming and scar tissue.
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal  
    The ingredients used in our Ultrasalve have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to help protect any wound from invading bacteria and encourage healing.
  • Encourages rapid hair regrowth
    The nourishing base and specially selected ingredients have been proven to stimulate hair regrowth.
  • Rapid results for all minor cuts, wounds, sores and abrasions.
    A multipurpose ointment that can be used on any forms of minor wounds even those that are difficult to heal. The natural ingredients stimulate and promote natural healing showing fast acting results making this ointment a fantastic product to keep on hand for its many uses.
  • Protects against flies
    When Ultrasalve is applied the ointment creates a protective layer to help protect the wound against flies who are naturally drawn to open skin.
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What is Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment For?

Ultrasalve is a powerful advanced antibacterial first aid ointment containing our unique blend of high quality essential oils and herbal extracts which are sourced from across the world and chosen to soothe and aid the healing of all minor cuts, wounds and abrasions. Ultrasalve provides the optimum environment which encourages natural healing from the inside out to help reduce scarring and promote rapid tissue regeneration making this product a must have for your horses first aid kit. This incredible ointment has been developed without the need to bandage and therefore making it easy to apply and reapply.


What Our Customers Say About Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment?

   Excellent n value for money   Excellent product and does exactly what it says on the tin. I always make sure that I've got some in my first aid kit   (17/04/2019) Helen Woo5 - Stockport

  amazing product no horse owner should be without  my Arab fell on the road after being scared by a car that nearly hit her. the skin on her off-fore knee was completely taken off & was very deep, the vet & myself tried so many products & nothing worked, cost me a fortune & it just wasn't healing. After a month I was desperate & came across this product by chance, read the reviews & description, didn't believe it would work but gave it a try. I was totally amazed that after just 2 weeks the wound had almost halved in size, it totally healed within 6 weeks, bar a small scar, all the hair grew back & grew back black, now never without it!   (18/05/2018) gee gee - Isle of Man

    Excellent product, struggling to get a removed sarcoid healed in a very awkward place, worked like a dream, also excellent advice on hand if needed.   (14/05/2018) Helen - Breedon on the hill

  Exxential first aid product  I have used this product over the years for our ponies on a variety of injuries and skin problems. The ponies' skin has never reacted to it and it has always healed the problem. I would recommend it for everyone's pony first aid kit. Easy to use, stays where it is put, a pleasant smell and goes a long way.   (24/10/2017) Elizabeth - Kent

  Superb product very fast acting   I have used aromesse products for many years on my itchy welsh d. I have tried many products over the years but have found that aromesse products are the ones that give her relief As a consequence of this I bought the ultrasalve when we had an issue with a cut as I know the standards and reliability of these products and I was not disappointed.   (18/08/2017) Mojoe - Stirling

  Excellent product  All first aid kits should have this cream. It stays on the injury. It works quickly to aid healing. Smells great. I even use it on myserlf!!!   (22/11/2016) Michelle -

    Excellent product that I would not be without.   (13/10/2016) -

    Does exactly what it claims, excellent results on a variety of wounds wouldn't be without a tub   (03/09/2016) Carol Bradley - Lambourn

    Very pleased with this product, I used it on a pony who had itched an made herself sore in several places. sores healed very quickly.   (13/08/2016) SUE WILLIAMS - GILLINGHAM, KENT

  Great soothing product  Great soothing product that smells wonderful. Great on wither rub   (07/09/2014) Amy Benton - South Cambs

    Amazing product that's fantastic for cuts, grazes even open wounds, highly recommended. So glad I found this and couldn't live without it now!!   (19/03/2014) Karl - Locking

  Ultra Salve is Magic!  I have used this ointment on anything from small grazes and scrapes to open sores and it is absolutely amazing how quickly it works. I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, I've even used it on myself with equally good results.   (18/03/2014) Frie Martin - South West France


Equinat Ultrasalve is an essential for your horses first aid kit and is perfect for:

  • All minor cuts, sores and abrasions.
  • Old and difficult to heal wounds.
  • Reducing scar tissue or proud flesh on healing wounds
  • Recurring or persistent problems such as cracks behind the knees

If you require a general barrier first aid ointment we would recommend our Aromasalve first aid ointment.


How To Use Ultrasalve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment

Ultrasalve can be applied directly onto any wounds, cuts etc.

  1. Gently clean the area you are applying the Ultrasalve to (preferably with colloidal silver).
  2. Apply Ultrasalve ointment once or twice daily
  3. Gently clean the wound and wipe off any remaining ointment before each repeat application.

Ultrasalve was designed to be used without the need for a dressing, however it can be used with a dressing if preferred.  If you are using a dressing on the lower legs, please ensure that the dressing doesn’t trap moisture against the legs.


What should I use Ultrasalve for?

Ultrasalve is an entirely natural advanced antibacterial first-aid ointment for all minor cuts and wounds. It is particularly good for reoccurring or difficult problems including wounds on the knee and lower leg, or old wounds that keep opening up.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use it for?

If your horse has sore areas that are weepy and crusty or mud and rain scabs, we recommend you try our Aromaheel ointment first which removes scabs and gives the area some barrier protection.

If you want a protective waterproof barrier as well as a wound ointment, we would recommend trying our Aromasalve first aid ointment which is made of essential oils in a waterproof barrier base.  Though Ultrasalve is a fantastic wound product it is not a barrier product and therefore Aromasalve is better suited.

What does Ultrasalve contain?

Ultrasalve is a unique blend of over 13 high quality essential oils and herbal extracts in a natural ointment base. It is petroleum free and the essential oils chosen have properties which will condition your horse’s skin.

Can I use a dressing over the wound?

Ultrasalve has been designed to be used without the need for a dressing, however it can be used with a dressing if preferred.

Our experience though is that it works better at preventing and reducing proud flesh in susceptible areas when used without a dressing.

What is the difference between the Ultrasalve and the Aromasalve ointment?

The Ultrasalve is our premium wound product that is the most effective at preventing proud flesh plus helping to heal old and difficult to heal wounds. It is also the most skin conditioning of the two products.

The Aromasalve is a natural first-aid ointment that also has full barrier protection properties.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

What if it doesn’t help my horse?

You should find that Ultrasalve is a fantastic addition to your horse’s first aid kit, and most people wonder how they ever managed without it. However, we do understand that each horse is individual, therefore we offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try our product on your horse in full confidence that if you aren’t delighted with the results we will refund you.

Could my horse be allergic to the Ultrasalve?

Whilst this is an entirely natural product, unfortunately it is possible for animals to be sensitive to any ingredient natural or not, so we do recommend that you perform a double patch test to an area of normal skin (not on the legs) before first use.

Can I use this product on other animals?

No sorry, this product is only suitable for using on horses.  However, we also sell an Ultrasalve first aid ointment for use on dogs.

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