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Aroma Pre-itch roll on

Aroma Pre-itch roll on



Results in Days - Guaranteed!

  • Natural 3-in-1 Itch Preventative Lotion
  • Rapidly STOPS itching and rubbing
  • Highly effective for up to 48 hours!
  • Easy to use roll-on great for applying to the face
  • Effective for all fly bites, including from Midges, Horse Flies and Bot Flies
  • Contains no DEET or citronella

The ultimate 3-in-1 Itch preventative formula, for all fly bite irritations in a roll-on.


I've tried every anti-itch product available in the US and nothing works like yours does.

What are the benefits of Aroma Pre-itch roll on?

  • Proven, non-irritating 3-in-1 formula, for the most sensitive horses
  • STOPS Itching and rubbing
  • Soothes any irritated skin, and safe to use on open skin
  • Works for up to 48 hours!
  • Entirely natural and SAFE for your horse
  • Citronella free
  • Contains no DEET
  • Effective for all fly bites, including from Midges, Horse Flies and Bot Flies
  • Promotes Hair Regrowth
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!

Natural 3-in-1 anti Itch Lotion for all Fly Bite Irritations

Natural long-lasting product that rapidly STOPS itching, and soothes fly bites FAST! - guaranteed!!

Prevent problems before they start, and save your horses mane and tail this year!

Aroma Pre-Itch is a highly acclaimed product for horses with fly bite irritations and sore skin. It has been proven to work for up to 48 hours! plus it rapidly STOPS the itching and rubbing, soothes irritated skin, and promotes hair regrowth.

Now, you no longer have to use harmful chemicals or DEET on your horse, or settle for other natural products that don't last.

Aroma Pre-Itch contains only natural, high quality essential extracts and herbal extracts, so it's safe for your horse. It does not contain citronella, as some horses are sensitive to this oil.

See also, our amazing soothing cream specifically for areas where your horse has already rubbed the hair off, and created sore patches - Aromaitch

This entirely natural aromatherapy lotion, contains a unique blend of carefully selected pure essential oils, plus herbal extracts, to soothe irritated skin and stop the itching. It is safe to use on broken skin, and encourages natural healing of damaged tissue and rapid hair regrowth.

As some horses are sensitive to citronella oil, Aroma Pre-itch does not contain this oil.

If your horse has rubbed bald sore patches, we recommend that you also look at our Aromaitch product.

Please read our many success stories to see how Aroma Pre-itch could also help your horses fly problem.

Directions for Aroma Pre-itch roll on:

Simply spray the Aroma pre-itch on all areas where your horse is rubbing. The pre-itch is safe to use on broken skin

Use the Pre-itch roll-on for the head.

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"I've tried every anti-itch product available in the US and nothing works like yours does."

I have several horses that get very itchy tails in the summer and rub constantly, some to the point of being raw. Since I found your product on the internet and have been using it (2 years now) these problems are totally under control. When itching occurs, one application calms it down within a day and I usually only have to use it every 2 or three days to maintain. I've tried every anti-itch product available in the US and nothing works like yours does.

Lynn McIntyre

"The change in my pony after about a week was wonderful...."

My 40yr old pony started to itch 18 months ago he rubbed until he bled and his skin was raw. We were told it was probably because he could not process the protein in his food because of his age. We put him on a bland diet and tried every lotion and cream for sore skin and also for sweet itch with no success then by chance I came across your web site. The change in my pony after about a week was wonderful, he laid down in the field and rested for the first time in months it has given him a new lease of life.

Jan Edwards

"I am amazed by it's effectiveness..."

"I think this product is absolutely amazing! Better than any other product I have tried! I am amazed by it's effectiveness, have tried many other products but didn't work"

L Sutton - Derbyshire

"By far the most effective preparation I have used"

"Excellent. By far the most effective preparation I have used. I have tried practically every formulation on sale, and none have had the sustained result that your product has given. I now have no faith in any other product!!!"

K Price - Wales

"A raw back that can't be saddled seems a distant memory from last year."

P Lang - Devon

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What should I use the Aroma Pre-itch for?

Aroma pre-itch is an itch-preventative, and should be sprayed onto all areas where your horse is itching and rubbing. It is also great for the mane and tail, and soaks in quickly.

Whilst it is suitable to apply to irritated skin, if your horse already has bald and/or raw patches, you will get the fastest results from initially using our Aromaitch cream

How often do I need to apply it?

The Aroma pre-itch needs applying every 1 to 2 days through the fly season. Its long lasting natural formula will last for at least 24 hours between applications.

What does the Aroma Pre-itch contain?

Aromaitch contains herbal extracts and essential oils in a high quality cream, which relieves fly bites & sores caused by rubbing. It is entirely natural, and doesnt contain any steroids. Please note this product may not be suitable for horses competing under some regulations, as it contains essential oils including lavender oil.

What is the Difference between the Aromaitch and the Aroma Pre-itch?

Both these products are for itching and rubbing associated with fly bite irritations For all bald patches and sores use the Aromaitch cream for the fastest results and hair regrowth. For covering larger areas and for fly protection, use the Aroma Pre-itch spray. The Aroma Pre-itch spray will also soak easily into your horses mane and tail.

Is there anything I shouldnt use it for?

The Arom Pre-itch shouldnt be applied directly to genital areas, in case it irritates or stings, and avoid using close to the eyes.

Could my horse be allergic to Aromaitch or Aroma Pre-itch?

If you have a horse with sensitive skin, although it is very rare for an allergic irritation from using Aroma Pre-itch, it is possible for some horses to be allergic to even natural ingredients. Please carry out a patch test (see below) before use.

What if it doesnt help my horse?

Aroma Pre-itch has been successful in helping thousands of horses enjoy an itch free summer. However we do understand that each horse is individual, and therefore offer a 100% money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund in full if you are not delighted with the results.

Can it be used on other animals?

This product has been developed and tested specifically for use on horses only, and therefore we do not recommend that it is used on other animals. We do also sell other products for using for dogs with itchy skin.

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