Mud & Rain Scabs

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Natural Remedies

that work!

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Proven rapid results for mud and scab problems! Our range of products for all mud and wet related problems are entirely natural and are quick, easy and pleasant to use. They are distress free for your horse, and there is no need to keep your horse in.

MUD Starter Pack

34.00 36.35

Amazing Value! - Superior barrier product plus highly effective proven ointment to painlessly remove scabs in one fantastic value pack. This ...

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Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus

19.50 18.50 (3 to 5) 17.30 (6 or more)

A fantastic 3-in-1 protective antibacterial barrier product of the same quality as Aromaheel, but for use as a preventative. Aroma-Mud ...

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Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover

16.95 15.50 (3 to 5) 13.70 (6 or more)

Highly effective and proven natural ointment which quickly and painlessly removes mud and rain scabs. Also offers natural antibacterial protection against ...

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Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula

11.30 9.95 (3 to 5) 8.95 (6 or more)

Our highly effective product for horses with damaged hooves and smelly frogs is a powerful but gentle antifungal & antibacterial solution ...

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