BLACK Skin / Hair loss

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Skin Relief Products

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These products (below) are what you need if your dog has Black Skin and hair loss!

Get your dogs coat full and healthy again

Perfect for Pomeranians and other breeds with black skin and hair loss.

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Black skin and hair loss can be a frustrating problem for many dogs owners. Our products are recommended worldwide for softening and removing black skin, and then encouraging healthy hair regrowth

Our highly acclaimed Petnat Dermacton® products also rapidly soothe sore skin, whilst encouraging hair regrowth.

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Dermacton Starter Pack

£39.90 £44.75
Amazing Value! Save £4.85 compared to when products bought separately. Plus free delivery!

Get one of each of our highly effective natural Dermacton skincare products in a fantastic value pack with free UK delivery. ...

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Dermacton Cream for Itchy Dogs

£14.90 £13.80 (3 to 5) £13.00 (6 or more)

Highly effective, steroid-free natural anti-itch cream for itchy dogs with skin irritations. Proven to quickly stop dogs itching, licking & scratching ...

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Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs

£16.50 £15.10 (3 to 5) £14.30 (6 or more)

Highly effective, steroid-free natural anti-itch spray which offers rapid relief for itchy dogs. Proven to quickly stop itching, licking & ...

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Dermacton Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs

£13.35 £12.30 (3 to 5) £11.30 (6 or more)

Professionally recommended Shampoo for dogs with itchy & irritated skin which really works! - 60 day money back guarantee ...

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Shampoo Massage Brush


Fantastic silicone brush to use with our Shampoo Bar. Gently massages shampoo into the coat, leaving it clean & healthy

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Deodorising Spritzer

£12.00 £11.00 (3 or more)

Our luxurious dog spritzer contains plant extracts, pure essential oils and conditioners in a colloidal silver base to soothe mild irritations, ...

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