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Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula 90g

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Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula 1
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Hoof hygiene in a bottle for damaged soles, white line problems & smelly frogs – 60-day money back guarantee
  • Powerful but gentle formulation to tackle stubborn bacteria & fungus
  • NO harsh chemical disinfectants to compromise the hoof’s natural protection
  • Instant, DEEP penetration into the frog and sole tissue
  • Encourages and stimulates healthy tissue re-growth
  • Incredibly effective and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Silver based for incredible antibacterial & antifungal protection- No more smelly frogs!

Our highly effective product for horses with damaged hooves and smelly frogs is a powerful but gentle antifungal & antibacterial solution that penetrates deep into smelly and damaged tissue. Entirely natural, and highly effective.
Comes complete with a brush for effective application.


What are the benefits of Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula?

  • Powerful but gentle formulation to tackle stubborn bacteria & fungus
    All ingredient have been specifically chosen for their natural antibacterial & antifungal properties
  • NO harsh chemical disinfectants to compromise the hoof’s natural protection
    Many products use chemical disinfectants to kill the bacteria & fungus which can also compromise the healthy tissue creating further problems
  • Instant, DEEP penetration into the frog and sole tissue
    Not just a topical product, our lotion can penetrate through the sole wall & frog tissue to work deep within the hoof. All Aromafrog bottles also come with a handy brush for effective application
  • Encourages and stimulates healthy tissue re-growth
    The essential oils & herbal extracts penetrate deep to encourage healthy growth of the tissue
  • Incredibly effective and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients
    We only use high quality natural ingredients in our products, these ingredients are incredibly effective as they work with the horse, promoting the natural healing process.
  • Silver based for incredible antibacterial & antifungal protection
    Colloidal silver has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is gentle on sensitive tissue 
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What is Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula For?

Aromafrog is an incredibly effective and proven formula to maintain and regenerate healthy soles and frogs. This innovative product is entirely natural, with no harsh, abrasive chemicals or detergents maintaining health tissue whilst resolving damage. The Aromafrog is colloidal silver based & contains 100% pure essential oils & herbal extracts which work with the hoof to repair damage while also protecting the healthy tissue

Once applied, the consistency of Aromafrog allows the product to penetrate deep into even the tiniest cracks and crevices to tackle any opportunistic microbes, which have entered and attacked the sensitive underlying structures.

So why is a healthy frog so important?

The frog has two main functions –

1) It acts as a shock absorber – a healthy frog covers up to 25% of the sole, and the soft tissue of the frog decreases the forces and strains placed on the bones and joints of the legs.

2) The frog is often referred to as the ‘second heart’ as a healthy frog assists the circulation by pumping blood back up the leg every time the frog makes contact with the ground. Therefore, a large, healthy frog enhances the circulation.


What Our Customers Say About Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula?

  Very good  In just a week did help with a smelly frog. Very good and easy to use.   (19/02/2018) Māra - Latvia

  Amazing  Amazing products, work efficiently and you can see results fast   (16/02/2018) Rachel lashmar - Christchurch

  helped but didn't cure  I have used a whole bottle over a week or so on some deep seated thrush which is at the bottom of the lateral grooves and which goes under the frog. Aromafrog definitely seemed to help but it didn't cure it. Smells great and is easy to apply but is now on the (very long) list of things that I have tried that have not solved the problem.   (14/02/2018) Helen - Devon

  Amazing product!  I originally bought Aromafrog a few years ago when one of my horses was on long term box rest and then suffered from som “stinky feet” issues. And my best efforts in trying to keep her feet and bed clean wasn’t just quite enough. I then stumbled across an ad for Aromafrog on Facebook and thought it was worth a try, the price was very reasonable and none of the natural ingredients would cause any harm so I bought it thinking, it’ll either work or it won’t. And I have not looked back! It removed any issues I had with my mares feet & nowadays I use it as a maintenance product. I would recommend!   (06/01/2018) Felicia - Cheshire

    My horse had 18 weeks off due to thrush This product is amazing and aided his recovery We continue to use as a maintenance treatment It smells great too Highly recommend   (20/07/2017) Michelle - Lincoln  Having discovered this product 5years ago when my horse was lame with frog problems. It aided his recovery and now it is regularly used as his maintenance routine. It is easy to use and smells great and best of all keeps my boys thrush at bay   (22/11/2016) Michelle -

  Amazing stuff!  We have a very old welsh mountain pony who suffered from a fungal problem in the sole of her hoof during the very wet spring we had this year. After a while, her frog became affected too. I bought some Aromafrog Hoof & Frog Formula and her frog started to regrow healthily within a week! I'm all for using natural products on my animals and these products really do work!   (10/08/2016) T Patterson - Cheshire

  Really Good stuff  Used this on my thrush prone mare and it has made for very nice clean frogs. It is a bit runny to use so I tend to go though it quickly however the brush with a cover is really handy. Great product and lovely smell, much nicer than the old thrushy smell i used to be be greeted with periodically.   (09/08/2016) michelle - Quantock Hills

  Great product which really works  All our nine horses are barefoot, and have cracks between their heel bulbs from time to time, which relates to weak frogs. Aromafrog is excellent in helping to harden the frogs, prevent ragged frogs, and in halting the infection between the heel bulbs.   (11/06/2016) Cathy Powell - Somerset, Exmoor

  Excellent product.  Last year my mare developed a huge abcess under her frog, a huge cavity developed. The formula helped to clear it up and then enabled the process of healing to continue. I also use it if I detect thrush and it resolves within 3-5 days. And finally I have a mare with damaged hoof resulting in a permanent heel crack The aroma frog formula keeps it clean. I must not forget the smell, as with all your products it is wonderful and when used on the horses even keeps the stable area smelling good.   (18/01/2016) Sal - Cornwall

  the BEST product on the market  in my opinion it is the best product on the market for smelly frogs, cleared my horses up in a few days.   (20/03/2014) michelle newton - lincoln


Aromafrog is suitable for all horses with:

  • Damaged soles
  • Smelly frogs
  • White line problems
  • Great for barefoot horses to keep the hoof strong and healthy!

How To Use Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula

Our Aromafrog is very easy to use, simply-

  1. Clean the sole, frog and any cracks
  2. Shake the bottle well & twist the nozzle on the bottle applying liberally into cracks, frogs, the sole, white lines or where applicable
  3. Use the hoof brush to firmly brush the product into affected areas

For damaged/smelly tissue, apply once or twice a day.

To maintain healthy hooves apply once a week.


What should I use Aromafrog for?

Aromafrog is for use on damaged soles, white line problems and smelly frogs.

What Does Aromafrog Contain?

Aromafrog does not have any harsh chemicals and it is purely 100% natural with a Colloidal Silver base.

How often should I use it?

Apply the product liberally once or twice daily to damaged hooves/smelly tissue or alternatively use weekly to maintain hooves.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12-18 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

How does your money back guarantee work?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund if you are not delighted for any reason.

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