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Deodorising Spritzer (130g)

Deodorising Spritzer  1
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Natural deodorising and conditioning grooming spray for dogs – 60 day money back guarantee
  • Natural, and free from synthetic chemicals & perfumes
  • Conditions dry & flaky skin
  • Deodorises the coat & leaves a gorgeous fresh scent
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal- Silver based for healthy skin
  • Gorgeous fresh scent
  • Non-greasy & mild enough to use as often as required

Our luxurious dog spritzer contains plant extracts, pure essential oils and conditioners in a colloidal silver base to soothe mild irritations, condition dry flaky skin and deodorise the coat. This natural grooming spray is gentle yet effective to leave your dog's skin healthy and their coat feeling soft whilst looking shiny and smooth.

For more itchy skin problems, we strongly recommend our Dermacton range instead


What are the benefits of Deodorising Spritzer ?

  • Conditions dry and flaky skin
    The gentle plant extracts, essential oils and conditioners specifically chosen for our spritzer contain soothing, moisturising properties to condition the skin and soothe any dry flaky areas.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
    Specially selected ingredients which naturally contain antibacterial and antifungal properties helping to maintain healthy skin and coat.
  • Free from synthetic chemicals and perfumes
    Our Deodorising spritzer is made from 100% natural ingredients. The fresh and pleasant aroma comes entirely from the plant extracts and essential oils used.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
    The Deodorising spritzer is a gentle product which can be used as often as required making it perfect for use on sensitive skin.
  • Gorgeous fresh scent
    Luxurious oils and plants extracts have been chosen to leave a fresh, pleasant aroma to your dog’s skin and coat, deodorising any strong odours.
  • Silver based for healthy skin
    Colloidal Silver is a naturally gentle and effective antibacterial and antifungal solution. This makes the deodorising spritzer effective at maintaining a healthy coat and skin condition whilst still being gentle enough to use as often as you require.
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.

What Is Deodorising Spritzer For?

Petnat Deodorising Spritzer is a natural grooming spray free from any synthetic chemicals or perfumes. The unique blend of luxurious plant extracts, essential oils and conditioners in a colloidal silver base soothe mild irritations, condition dry flaky skin and deodorise the coat making it soft and smooth at the same time. The colloidal silver base gives this spray antibacterial and antifungal properties and help to maintain healthy skin and coat for your dog. This gentle but effective spray is easy to use, non-greasy and mild enough to use as often as required, especially on dogs with sensitive skin.

If your dog has itchy skin or more troublesome skin problems then we would recommend using our Dermacton Range.


What Our Customers Say About Deodorising Spritzer ?

    Really difficult to write a review when I couldn't use it due to the spray nozzle snapping, maybe one day I will get into it.  (30/01/2021) Katie - Worcs
Our Reply: Sorry to hear that your spray was faulty. We can't find that you contacted us regarding this, however since receiving your review we have sent you a replacement. Hope you like the product.

  Great for yeasty dogs  Not only is this deodorising, it relieves itching too! Highly recommended in armpits and around tummy area and feet. LOve this product.   (13/12/2019) Julia Langlands - West Yorkshire

  Really refreshing   Hi ,I bought this for my cocker as he had really flaky itchy skin.I sprayed it on him to freshen his coat and realised that it temporarily erased his itchiness.Just had a comment from my daughter’s friend how gorgeous our boy smelled .   (04/05/2019) Karen - Bangor N.Ireland

  Haven't used a lot yet  Haven't used this a lot yet but it seems good so far. Not sure about the smell though.   (26/04/2019) -

  Great smell   One if my girls suffers from sore nails tried everything this really helped lovely smell, stops her nibbling as well   (07/07/2017) Zena deville - Cornwall

  Gentle to use with pleasant smell  I initially bought from Viovet & my dog didn't mind the spray and the test area didn't react. We are now on our second bottle with a third ready. The spray is gentle & Zak doesn't react or run away. Tthe smell is pleasant and he doesn't look for the nearest opportunity to roll in something unpleasant to remove the smell which he has done with other shampoos! Zak's a long haired German Shepherd with sensitive skin & the conditioner softens his coat & makes it easier to brush.   (26/03/2017) Fiona - Bedfordshire

  Great as ever  Aromesse do simply great products. I bought this as my dog had an operation and I could not find any other anti-bacterial conditioner. His coat needed a boost and this does the job very well. It does have a fairly strong lemony smell though I put a lot on and massage in to make sure it gets down to skin level. The Ultrasalve first-aid ointment is another product I use. It lasts for age and ages. Something everyone should buy. It fixes cracked pads in a matter of days.   (07/03/2017) Mr Hall - North West

  GREAT PRODUCT  I LOVE THIS SPRAY! My dog smells terrific and her skin is less flaky!!! Recommend it wholeheartedly!   (12/02/2017) Robyn - San Diego, CA USA

  Love it  I have a Tibetan Terrier with hair we keep long and typical Tibetan sensitive skin... this product is essential to us to keep his fur soft enough to groom. I can't fault it   (21/12/2016) A Huckerby - Herts

  Sweet Smelling Coat  I use the skin conditioning spray in-between shampoos, it keeps Poppy's coat in good condition and fresh smelling. I do not need to visit the vets as regular as the smell of yeast is no longer there.   (16/10/2016) Christine Schofield - Wakefield

  Great product does exactly what it says.  Bought this product along with the shampoo tend to use the spray when we are on holiday stops my shitzu scratching would recommend this product.   (03/10/2016) Dianne cannon - Nottinghamshire

  JB Cornwall   Another product I would recommend. I use on a daily basis when brushing my setter especially around the back legs and tummy area (being a male !!)   (16/09/2016) J Butler - cornwall

  Beautiful coats  I bought this to complete my dogs' grooming process to go with the Aromesse soap bar, which I swear by. They look beautifully shiny afterwards and, it is true that, with these products, their skin is never flakey. Again, a big thank you!   (07/09/2016) Caroline - London

  Glossy, Scented & It Works!  First used for my Grandparent's Westie who suffered from terrible skin problems, which cleared up spectacularly using this spray in conjunction with the itchy dog pack. I now use this for my own big monster who gets itchy from time to time and it also works wonderfully as well as acting as a nice doggy freshener to ease the farmyard smells his coat picks up without having to bath him (bathing a 35kg GWP is not something I wish to be doing!). I would recommend this for anyone seeking a gentle alternative to medication and copious lotions and potions, that actually works!   (18/01/2016) Amber Worgan - Snowdonia, Wales

  Top product  Love this spray. Helps keep my girls coat in lovely condition. She is recovering from a really bad demodex infection that had never been treated. Her coat and skin are coming on a treat and it is really useful to use inbetween baths.   (18/01/2016) susan mayers -

  Beautiful smell  I use this most days on my dog. Spray and brush. The lemony smell is ok for a boy, and he feels soft and clean.   (18/01/2016) Daphne Rose - Suffolk

  Excellent  Bought this product after it was recommended to me by the dog groomer. Very gentle on my dog who is allergic to most products. Would highly recommend.   (18/01/2016) joe - Newcastle upon Tyne

  excellent skin calmer  during the day we use the cream and at night the conditioner spray so the bed does not get sticky. the spray is easy to work into the skin through the hair and enables Beulah to sleep well without itching. love the metal bottle.   (18/01/2016) susan inglis - hertfordshire

  skin conditioner  We have a Yorkie who gets itchy and within a little while of using the spray it stops her very good product   (29/11/2014) - Norfolk

  Would highly recommend  Having hairless Chinese Cresteds with some hair, I noticed when using some moisturisers clogged up their pores and caused black heads & pimples, after using PetNat conditioner their skin has much improved, many thanks from a grateful owner   (23/04/2014) Judith Moore - Nth Nottinghamshire


Our luxurious deodorising spritzer is perfect to use on dogs with:

  • Dry flaky skin
  • Strong odours
  • Mild skin irritations

This spritzer is fantastic to use as a general grooming spray to maintain healthy skin and coat or as a follow on from our Dermacton range.

If your dog has itchy skin or more troublesome skin problems then we would recommend using our Dermacton Range.


How To Use Deodorising Spritzer

Use in between baths and shake bottle well before use:

  1. Spray directly onto your dog’s skin and coat
  2. Massage into the skin
  3. Brush through your dog’s coat and leave
  4. Reapply daily or as required

If your dog has itchy skin or more troublesome skin problems then we would recommend using our Dermacton Range.


What is in the Deodorising Spritzer?

Petnat Deodorising Spritzer contains a unique and specifically chosen blend of plant extracts, essential oils and conditioners in a colloidal silver base. This is a 100% natural product and does not contain any synthetic perfumes or chemicals.

Is there anything I should not use it for?

Whilst using the Deodorising Spritzer please ensure that you do not get any into your dog’s eyes. If your dog has a more troublesome skin problem, losing hair or itchy skin we would recommend using our Dermacton Range.

Could it irritate my dog’s skin?

Although all the ingredients used in our spritzer are natural and gentle on the skin, it is possible for some dogs to be sensitive to even natural ingredients. Because of this we advise to perform a double patch on a small area of normal skin before first use.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on our products, so you can try our products on your dog in full confidence that if you aren’t delighted with the results we will refund the products in full.

How often can I use it?

The Deodorising Spritzer is gentle enough to be used as often as required.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

Can it be used on other animals?

No. This product has been developed and tested specifically for use on dogs only, and therefore we do not recommend that it be used on other animals

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