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Shampoo Massage Brush

Shampoo Massage Brush 1
  • Durable Silicone Massage Brush
  • Perfect for massaging the Dermacton Shampoo into the coat
  • Helps to lift excess dirt and dead hair from the coat
  • Gentle and Soft on the Skin

Fantastic silicone brush to use with our Shampoo Bar. Gently massages shampoo into the coat, leaving it clean & healthy


What Our Customers Say About Shampoo Massage Brush?

    Really like the soft n gentle rubber brush which is kind to my dogís skin. The back of the brush can be used to fill up with shampoo. Very handy indeed. Or can use it as type 2 bristles too. So itís like 2 in 1 brush. Totally pleased but the box came as a China product and in full Chinese words, thatís a bit disappointing for someone whoís Chinese illiterate.   (21/02/2020) Grindyl - Malaysia