Plutos Natural Dog Chews Large Size

Plutos Natural Dog Chews Large Size 1
Plutos Natural Dog Chews Large Size 2
4.50 4.00 (3 or more)


  • 100% Natural cheese chew
  • Made from milk protein
  • Low Fat!
  • ALL natural colours & flavourings
  • Lactose & Gluten FREE
  • Made in Portugal

PLUTOS are hard natual chews that are easily digestible and safe to chew right to the end, Unlike the majority of the existing chews in the market, PLUTOS chews were especially designed not to splinter allowing dogs to chew and, at the same time, enjoy what they are chewing until the end. PLUTOS are hard enough to be enjoyed as a chew but gets sufficiently soft with saliva and biting action to be safely chewed by different dog ages and sizes.

Available in three great natural flavours. Each chew is approximately 15cm long.
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