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Colloidal Silver Gel (50g)

Colloidal Silver Gel 1
10.00 9.00 (3 or more)

NEW. Fabulous 30ppm colloidal silver gel! Great for applying to areas where you'd like a stronger application of colloidal silver.
A high quality silver gel, which is incredibly effective but gentle at the same time. Perfect for sensitive areas of skin, including the face. It contains only colloidal & ionic silver in a food safe gelling agent and is non-caustic and non-stinging!
Naturally antibacterial and antifungal making it invaluable for minor wounds & irritations for dogs, puppies, horses & cats. (and humans too!)


What Our Customers Say About Colloidal Silver Gel?

  Amazing Product  Colloidal Silver was recommenced to me to assist with my dogs healing process and bruising after an operation. Applied for two weeks and the results were amazing and on taking to the Vets for a 7 day check up, the Vets were amazed at how quickly he was healing and minimal bruising.  (03/10/2020) jayne strange - North Nottinghamshire