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Aromasalve first-aid ointment

Aromasalve first-aid ointment


10.20 (6 or more)

  • Entirely natural, and safe for your horse
  • Provides a waterproof barrier
  • Protects against bacteria and flies
  • Rapid results and Rapid Hair Regrowth
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
  • Quick, easy & pleasant to apply

Aromasalve is a great aromatherapy ointment for all types of equine minor Wounds and Cuts. It encourages the natural healing in horses, with reduced scarring, without the need for a dressing!


Within 2 days of using the Aromasalve the cut began to dry up

What are the benefits of Aromasalve first-aid ointment?

  • Entirely natural, and safe for your horse.
  • Encourages natural wound healing from the inside out.
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Helps reduce scarring.
  • Provides a natural barrier against bacteria and flies.
  • Encourages rapid hair regrowth
  • Quick, easy & pleasant to apply.
  • Complete barrier ointment
  • Does not require a dressing.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Multipurpose first-aid ointment. A must for your horses first aid kit.

Great for all types of horses cuts, abrasions & minor wounds:

Aromasalve aromatherapy ointment, is a must for your horse, to encourage the natural healing of all cuts, abrasions and minor wounds.

Aromasalve is used regularly across the world, including by equestrian centres, horse racing stables, and riding schools.

See also our Ultrasalve wound ointment.

Aromasalve is a great antibacterial first-aid ointment which contains a special selection of essential oils in a waterproof barrier base.

It contains a unique combination of pure essential oils, including Tea Tree oil, which is renowned for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

If you have an old wound to heal, or an injury in an area that is particularly prone to proud flesh, please also look at our Ultrasalve ointment.

Directions for Aromasalve first-aid ointment:

Clean affected area (preferably with colloidal silver water), and when dry, apply a thick layer of ointment. Reapply as necessary, once or twice a day. Only bandage when necessary.

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"Within 2 days of using the Aromasalve the cut began to dry up"

I received your product approx 2 weeks ago and it has worked so quickly, its marvelous. My mare had a nasty cut on her face right on the bone and I had been treating it for over three weeks with wound gel and savlon anything we could think of and it was getting worse if anything. My friend had used Aromaheel previously on her arab gelding with remarkable results which is why I looked on your website. Within 2 days of using the Aromasalve the cut began to dry up. 2 weeks later and the cut has completely healed and the hair is starting to grow back. I was convinced she would be scarred but not now. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.

Gina Leicester

"The salve worked in 3 weeks and their is no scar or hair colour, your products are the best I have ever used"

" I would like to let you know that last year when I returned home from a vacation I found my grey walking horse with a 4 inch cut on her chest, the result of being run through by another horse. The vet told me that it had been too long for him to stitch the wound. I had to find some way of helping the wound without the hair coming back a different colour, so I found your company on the internet. I ordered Aromasalve along with other products of yours. The salve worked in 3 weeks and their is no scar or hair colour, your products are the best I have ever used. Thank You"

K Morris - Virginina, USA

"Put the salve on the burn and said the pain was gone right away..."

"My husband used aromasalve on one of our horses that had gotten an injury on his leg from getting caught in the wall of his stall in July of this year. He tried numerous products to help this but nothing seemed to was noticeably better in a couple days and is now fine. My husband was quite impressed and has recommended your product to many of his friends in the horse racing business. He also got a rope burn on his hand while training a horse and put the salve on the burn and said the pain was gone right away. You have a great product in aromasalve."

Mrs J.S. - New York, USA

"In only a week, the skin was totally closed"

"I tried your other product Aromasalve two weeks ago. One of my horses had a cut on his front leg. It was a tear of a few inches. I was amazed how fast it helped. In only a week, the skin was totally closed. These products are really great."

Mrs M.R. - Quebec, Canada

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What should I use Aromasalve for?

Aromasalve is an entirely natural antibacterial first-aid ointment for all minor cuts and wounds. It is also waterproof and a 100% barrier.

Is there anything I shouldnt use it for?

If your horse with a particularly difficult wound, or an old wound that keep opening up, you may prefer our Ultrasalve wound ointment. We would also recommend the Ultrasalve ointment for any wounds that are in areas prone to proud flesh.

What Does Aromasalve Contain?

Aromasalve contains high quality tea tree and other essential oils in a natural waterproof ointment base. There are no added artificial preservatives.

Can I use a dressing over the wound?

Aromasalve has been designed to be used without the need for a dressing, however it can be used with a dressing is preferred.

What is the difference between the Aromasalve and the Ultrasalve ointment?

The Aromasalve is a natural first-aid ointment that also has full barrier protection properties.

The Ultrasalve is our premium wound product that is the most effective at preventing proud flesh plus helping to heal old and difficult to heal wounds. It is also the most skin conditioning of the two products.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12 - 24 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

What if it doesnt help my horse?

You should find that Aromasalve is a fantastic addition to your horses first aid kit, and most people wonder how they ever managed without it. However we do understand that each horse is individual, therefore we offer a 100% money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund in full or exchange if you are not delighted with the results.

Could my horse be allergic to the Aromasalve?

Whilst this is an entirely natural product, unfortunately it is possible for animals to be sensitive to any ingredient natural or not, so we do recommend that you do a patch test before first use. Read more about patch testing here.

Can I use this product on other animals?

No sorry, this product is only suitable for using on Horses.

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