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Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment

Before and after Aromaheel
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Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment


15.45 (3 to 5)
13.70 (6 or more)

  • Totally Unique with Guaranteed Results!
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use and Natural
  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Soothes sore areas on heels and body
  • Works even when your horse is turned out

Aromaheel is a highly effective and proven natural ointment which quickly and painlessly removes mud and rain scabs. Also offers natural antibacterial protection against further effects of rain and mud. Quick easy and pleasant for your horse!


The best there is by far!!! NO other product has touched my mares scabs, but this product has sorted it in no time at all!

What are the benefits of Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment?

  • Totally Unique with Guaranteed Results!
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Painlessly and quickly softens and removes scabs,
  • No washing required
  • Soothes sore areas on heels and body
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Encourages hair re-growth
  • Works even when your horse is turned out
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Extremely Effective, and Natural

When you can help Your Horse Naturally, Why Use Anything Else?

An amazing antibacterial ointment for Mud & Rain and cracked & sore heels, that really works Guaranteed!

Aromaheel is a powerful (but gentle) natural antibacterial ointment, which quickly softens and removes scabs caused by the wet and mud. THE cost effective solution for muddy conditions!

Aromaheel is proven to protect your horse against the harmful effects of the wet and mud, even with prolonged exposure. No more picking at scabs - with Aromaheel, they soften and drop off after a couple of days, allowing the bacterial ointment to reach the skin. The Aromaheel then soothes the sore skin, and the extraordinary natural properties of the essential oils, safely and effectively encourage natural regeneration of healthy tissue, and promote rapid hair regrowth.

Aromaheel is a thick ointment, which keeps the skin supple, and provides an effective barrier against the wet and mud, which means that your horse does not need to be kept in, and can continue to be turned out if required.

Even horses who have previously objected to their heels being treated with other products, soon appreciate the soothing properties of the Aromaheel, which makes scab-removal less painful for your horse and a lot easier for you!

Please read our many success stories to see how Aromaheel could also help your horse

Directions for Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment:

Aromaheel is quick, easy and pleasant to use in one simple step, and requires no bandaging or washing. It is effective for use on your horse's heels, legs and body.

Simply apply a layer of ointment over any scabs, ensuring they are completely covered. Reapply daily and after a few days the scabs should have softened and will just wipe away, removing the need to pick them, which can be painful for your horse. Keep applying the Aromaheel to the skin underneath until it has stopped weeping and repaired itself and hair regrowth occurred.

Aromaheel is designed to be used without the need for bandaging, however if for any reason you need to bandage, please ensure that the hair and skin underneath is kept completely dry.

As the Aromaheel is a 100% barrier product, you do not need to keep your horse in whilst using it. Nor do you need to wash it off, in fact we advise against washing as much as possible.

Before and after photos for Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment

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"Tried just about everything on the market!"


"I have had a horse with mud and water related problems for 7 years and tried just about everything yet the money back guarantee made me think I could go for this!...and yes its AMAZING!

A now Happy Horse and a satisfied owner!

What a life saver.

..the hair started growing back a couple days after the first application! I love your products I am so happy to find something that works!


Impressive!!Thank you SO much!!

"I had exhausted myself and him trying over 5 different products before finding this one. I wish I found this first, I will always keep it on hand. THANKYOU so much for making this wonderful ointment!!"


"AromaHeel is the best thing since sliced bread!"

"It works wonders and I have recommended it to all my friends with horses! Cant wait to try the Ultrasalve also!"

Sandra Leach

"What a marvellous product!"

"What a marvellous product! Have helped my horses with your product with great success. One of my horses actually falls asleep when I'm applying it to her heels! Must be so soothing to her. Glad I got the 3 tubs that were on offer, love the smell almost could eat it!"

Jayne Wright

"Aromaheel is a unbelievable! It works!"

Aromaheel is a unbelievable! It works!! A friend recommended it so I purchased just one container for now! But thats all it took - the scabs just fall off - you dont have to force them off. The problem improved within 5 days and it completely cleared in 7 days. Fantastic! I will almost certainly be buying more - just in case. PS she went back straight into a muddy field and is protected by the aromaheel! Thank you so so much! Worth every penny

Kath Vincent

"The results were amazing, within 3 days all the scabs had gone..."

After becoming frustrated with the traditional methods that made things worse rather than better, I decided to try Aromesse Aromaheel. The results were amazing, within 3 days all the scabs had gone and pink healthy skin with hair already growing replaced the weeping sore skin that was there. Within 5 days the skin was no longer visible and the affected areas were hard to identify. Throughout this my horse was able to be turned out in a field that was quite muddy. She has spent hours digging 'ponds' since this problem occurred and using Aromaheel as a barrier cream has prevented it returning. Many thanks for this brilliant product. I don't know what we would have done without it.

Jane Shaw

"I am amazed at your Aromaheel"

"I am amazed at your Aromaheel for ********* it's far better than what I have been recommending for the last 10 years. I have a vet and 2 farriers interested in selling your product I do not have a website but would love to offer your products."

Van Harn Farrier Service

"I truly cannot believe the results..."

My Warmblood gelding Chevy has four white socks, which look beautiful, but which also come with the common susceptibility to mud problems. I had previously tried many and varied products with little or no success. When I received my Aromaheel, most promptly I might add, I began using it immediately, and I truly cannot believe the results. Within days the scabs had simply fallen off and there was HAIR growing back! What impressed me most however, is the mere fact that I did not need to risk my head being kicked off in order to attempt the dreaded scab removal necessary for the ********* (product) to work. It just works. No mess, no fuss, simple and pleasant to apply. I will be recommending this treatment to everyone here in Australia. Thank you Aromesse for such a wonderful product.

Best regards, Barbara Hilsaca.

"I am really impressed with your Aromaheel"

Started using this product & in only 2 days I could see a dramatic improvement. I have been treating Oceans for 4 weeks with other products with not much significant change. I am really impressed with your aromaheel, & would not hesitate to recommend to my horsey friends. So simple to use & so so effective. Thank you so much & congratulations on an extremely good product.


"Ive only just started using this product.delighted"

"Recommended by my farrier and its made a significant difference already. I am delighted with the results!"

Pamala Stokes

Good pink skin in just a couple of days!

"This year it has been so wet and my horse has been out everyday. My horse doesnt mind the scabs being lifted with this product as they just melt away with lots of good healthy pink skin underneath in only a couple of days!!"

Tracey Hutchinson

Goes on so easy

"Doesnt leave a sticky greasy messme and my husband were very impressed!"

Carole Milgate

"Your product is marvellous!"

"I have tried many Remedies! Only two days using the AromaHeel. the scabs have fallen off!! Thank you!!"

Fiona Wright

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What is Aromaheel suitable for?

Aromaheel is for any sores, scabs and or weeping areas on the heels or body, caused by mud and wet. It is also very successful for using on the scabs and sores caused by photosensitivity

How often do I need to apply it?

Initially apply the Aromaheel thickly once or twice a day to all scabs. For future applications, either wipe away any excess first, or apply more ointment over the top. Once the scabs have come off, and the weeping has stopped, you will be able to apply less, and gently rub it in.

Do I need to wash it off?

NO. Please avoid over washing, as this may exacerbate the problem and encourage it to spread. Only wash if absolutely necessary, and no more that once a week, and even then use a gentle (preferably antibacterial) shampoo, and ensure that the skin is dry, before reapplying the Aromaheel.

How much Aromaheel will I need?

How much you will need depends on many things including how large the affected area is, how many legs it is on, how often you need to apply it, the conditions your horse is turned out in etc If your horse has only a small problem, one jar should be enough, but if it is a bigger problem you may need more jars. Either way you should definitely see results from the first jar.

The important thing is to use enough initially to get the scabs off, so that so the ointment can reach the skin and bacteria underneath. Using more initially means using less in the long term.

How do I stop it reoccurring?

After the scabs have come off, ensure that you keep applying a thick layer of ointment until the weeping has stopped to prevent more scabs from reforming.

When the skin has healed keep a layer of Aromaheel over this new skin for barrier protection. If your horse is in wet and muddy conditions, you may also need to protect the rest of your horses legs with a good quality barrier.

How do I stop it spreading?

When applying the Aromaheel ensure you cover the very edges of the scabs, to stop the sores spreading outwards.

Whilst treating the scabs, you may want to protect the rest of the legs with a barrier product, so that new scabs dont develop in other areas. The bacteria will try and penetrate any vulnerable skin eg. from injury, soreness or chapping.

Also, when brushing your horses legs, be extremely gentle and avoid brushing from affected to unaffected areas, and avoid sharing grooming equipment with other horses. Dispose of the scabs carefully. And most importantly avoid over washing!

What is in the Aromaheel?

The Aromaheel contains a blend of pure essential oils especially selected for their soothing and antibacterial properties in a barrier ointment base. This recipe is so successful that it is exactly the same as it was 7 years ago.

I have a sensitive horse, could he be allergic to it?

Aromaheel is usually suitable for any horse, but if you have a particularly sensitive horse, or a horse allergic to tea tree oil, please test a small amount on an unaffected area first on the body (not the legs).

What is the shelf life of the Aromaheel?

The Aromaheel will keep for at least 1 year, after this time its effectiveness may be reduced.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

Our money back guarantee, is a 100% no quibble guarantee, so you can try the Aromaheel on your horse in full confidence that if you arent delighted with the results we will refund you in full without question.

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